Shadola Sector

Gand, Maldra, Skeebo and Baummu

In the far eastern reaches of the galaxy the Shadola Sector Exists, home to Alissma, Shadola Sector Security, Shadolan Medical Corps, The Natural Mystics, Galactic Weapon Systems, and Maldra Mining. 
The peaceful Ruet'savii of Alissma practice their religion in peace, the manufacturers of The Natural Mystics and Galactic Weapon System produce wares for the consumers of the entire galaxy at large. The combat medics and lab technicians in the Shadolan Medical Corps produce meds for the soldiers on the battlefields defending their home. 
One Authority defending them all, Shadola Sector Security. Policing the sector, maintaining formidable fleets capable of countering any number of threats, force wielders among the ranks as part of the Shadow Order, taking up arms against any enemy. 
All these groups call one sector home, Shadola.



Shadolan News Network works hard to provide you with the most up to date stories that unfold within the sector and pertain to the organizations that call Shadola home.

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Vitruvius Bakara founds The Natural Mystics

On year 20 Day 325 Vitruvius Bakara officially registered The Natural Mystics with galactic business registrars with the help of General Aylee Stewart. Upon the creation of the newly formalized company TNM would be welcomed into the Alissma Family.

The Shadow Order is established within SSS

On year 20 day 326 the Shadow Order was formed within Shadola Sector Security. Members of the order would come to be known as Shadonic Knights. 
The order would be headed up by Grand Master and Senior Commander Legend Myre who would seek to enlighten all members in the ways of the force.

TNM and SSS accepted as Members of the Interstellar League

On year 20 day 332 the Natural Mystics were recognized as an official member of the Interstellar League granting Captain Vitruvius Bakara the rank of Senator in the Interstellar Senate.
Following the Natural Mystics acceptance into IL on Year 20 Day 335 the Interstellar League's senate overwhelming voted SSS in as a league member. General Aylee Stewart would be the first senator to represent SSS.

Spaceship Landing on Earth

"The most valuable resource to any faction is their people"

Kuro Neko


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